How to Make a Renewal of Vows Certificate

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The renewing of wedding vows is an expression of a couple's love and commitment. Some couples choose to create a certificate as a memento of their vow renewal. This certificate can be the perfect keepsake from a vow renewal ceremony. Since there are no set rules for a vow renewal ceremony, feel free to be creative when it comes to designing such a certificate.

Step 1

Decide on what you want your renewal of vows certificate to look like. Select a style or design and then choose the appropriate medium. Make sure it reflects your style as a couple.

Step 2

Find a free template online for your certificate. Hoover Web Designs offers a few free templates on their website. If you would rather design your own template, use Microsoft Word. Fill in the relevant details and print.

Step 3

Use watercolors to create a soft, romantic look for your renewal of vows certificate. Go to your local art museum to get inspiration. Create the border of the certificate with water colors, then use a calligraphy pen to write the text.

Step 4

Take a page from the Victorians and decoupage, which comes from the French word to cut. This form of art involves cutting out pictures and pasting them onto an object until it is covered. If you choose to decoupage your certificate, you do not need to paste pictures all over the paper. Pick a theme for the pictures you will cut out (for example, hearts), then paste them around the border of the page. Your pictures should overlap. Decoupage will give your certificate an old fashioned look.

Step 5

Create a stained glass look by using tissue paper. Cut out a pattern along the borders. On the back side of the page, tape or paste tissue paper to your certificate. Using more than one color of tissue paper will provide variety.

Step 6

Personalize your certificate with pictures of you and your spouse. Scan and print non-digital photos of the two of you and cut them out to make a border. If you are using a computer to create the certificate, you can insert the digital photos directly into the document, then use special effects to change their color or shape.