How to Make Your Own Genealogy Book

by Jagg Xaxx

Genealogy and family history are fascinating subjects for many people to read about, particularly if they involve the reader's own family history. Creating a genealogy book that is readable and accessible creates interest in people who wouldn't have the patience to pore over boxes of genealogical charts and lists. You can create a personalized gift for members of your family by putting together a book that presents only the information they are likely to be interested in.

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Find family photographs and integrate them into your book. Most people love to look at photographs, and having actual images of the people you are talking about, particularly if they are from many years ago, will add to the fascination of your genealogical book.

Write out parts of your family history in prose form. While charts and lists of ancestors are interesting, they will be more accessible if interspersed with family history told as stories. Interview older members of your extended family to learn more about their history, and write out their accounts for your book.

Create a family tree to include as a fold-out in your book. If you don't have all of the names or details, you can leave blank lines in the chart that can be filled out by the owners of the book if they are able to find the information themselves.

Create a Format

Bind your book for presentation. You can do this inexpensively by taking it to a copy center and having it comb-bound, or you can make nicer copies by paying more and creating properly bound books.

Include a page or two of color pictures if you have them. By putting all of the color pictures on one page, you can have the other pages, including black-and-white pictures, printed in black and white, and save a lot of money.

Write a personal note in the front of each book for the family member to whom you are giving the book. This will add a personal touch and make the book mean more to the recipient.

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