How to Make Nude Lipgloss With Foundation

by Cara O'Neill

In your quest to find the holy grail of effortless beauty, you have hit every makeup counter trying on gloss after gloss, only to find a colorless, pasty-lipped ghoul staring back at you in the mirror once again. Skin tones differ dramatically, which is why it is difficult to find the look you want with a premade lip gloss. Your own foundation, however, matches your skin tone perfectly, so you can rest assured that your search is over. That runway look of perfection -- the nude lip -- was patiently waiting in your makeup case the entire time.

Apply a light layer of foundation or mineral powder to the top of your lips.

Swipe clear gloss over the top of the foundation or mineral powder, and rub your lips together to mix. If this is the look that you are after, congratulations, you are ready to show off your glamorous self to the world. If, however, it doesn’t look quite right, then it’s time to move to Step 3 for the fun part -- a little creative mixology.

Place a dab of clear gloss or petroleum jelly in a small container.

Create a nude base by mixing a few drops of foundation or a pinch of mineral powder into the clear gloss or petroleum jelly.

Add a small amount of crushed blush or bronzer to the nude base, then mix thoroughly.

Try on your new gloss to see how it looks. If you aren’t satisfied, add color little by little until you achieve the star quality look you’re after.

Items you will need

  • Foundation or mineral powder
  • Clear lip gloss or petroleum jelly
  • Powdered blush or bronzer
  • Small container


  • While nude glosses appear to be skin colored, the more flattering glosses are a few shades darker with either a warm peach or pretty pink hue.
  • Keep in mind that any cake makeup can be crushed into a powder to make your gloss, so it is likely that you already possess an ample supply of materials.
  • As the foundation and powders set, you may find that the gloss starts to feel dry. Simply put another layer of gloss over the top, and feel confident that your custom-made color has staying power that will last throughout the day.

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