How to Make a Man Want to Marry You

Are you ready to get married but can't find a man that will propose here are some tips to help you find a man and get married.

This one will require will power, no sex. Tell any guy you meet that you have made a vow not to have sex until you are married and stick to it. If he can't handle that and leaves after you tell him this in the beggining then you don't need him. Chances are if you start dating him and sleeping with him on a regular basis he won't marry you.

Give him time to himself. Most men don't like a woman calling them 10 times a day with nothing to say. TIP he should call you more than you call him.

Don't move in with him and play house. This will also slim your chances of getting married. If is he is getting everything he wants from you already chances are he won't marry you.

Keep your eyes and ears open. If he does propose be sure that he is the one for you and you're not just getting married to be married.