How to Make a Makeup Stencil

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A fierce, flawless face without the fuss is forthcoming -- amp up your application arsenal with the tidy technique of a homemade makeup stencil. Sometimes called shields for their sublime skin protection, stencils secure a set cosmetic design without the spills, smudges and speckling from your brushes -- whether traditional or air-powered -- and sponges. Pamper yourself with precision and get your eyebrow or lip shape looking perfect, or play artist with your appearance for divine, daring details.

Step 1

Draw your design onto a sheet of acetate paper or cardstock with a marker, or tape a paper printout of the design directly onto the edges of the sheet with masking tape. Leave a 1-inch-wide border around the edges of the design.

Step 2

Hold the design against your face to compare the size and shape. Make any necessary corrections.

Step 3

Lay the design atop a cutting mat. Tape all edges of the design to the edges of the mat to hold it still while you work.

Step 4

Insert the tip of a craft scalpel into a design line and pull the scalpel along the line to copy it precisely.

Step 5

Rotate the mat as you work to get the most comfortable cutting angle for each line. Gently pull the scalpel along each line until all lines are cut.

Step 6

Draw the scalpel along the edges of any rough or jagged lines to smooth them. Secure any tears in the paper with a small piece of masking tape.