How to Make a Husband Be More Romantic

by Erica Loop

Whether he was never a real romantic or the spark that once kept your marriage alive no longer heats up your relationship, making your husband amp up the romance level can bring the two of you closer. From small-scale behaviors to grand gestures, being romantic can rekindle your connection and keep the two of you engaged in a happy, healthy marriage.

Everyday Activities

Point out the everyday things that your husband can do to add some romance to your marriage. These may include finding a sitter to watch the kids so the two of you can have alone-time, drawing you a warm bath after you've had a rough day at work, or making your favorite meal for dinner, suggests clinical psychologist Barbara Markway in "Easy Ways to Put the Magic Back in Your Relationship," for Psychology Today. Don't count on your husband always knowing what to do when it comes to everyday romantic ideas. When the opportunity creeps up, show him the way and let him know what you like. In the future he'll remember what you pointed out and treat you to some romance.

Communicate with Kindness

While it's tempting to let it all out and nag your husband into acting in a romantic way, show some restraint and use a kind and caring approach to helping him invigorate your love life. Showing him your caring side will also clue him in to how he should act. Take the lead and guide him by role modeling. For example, grab his hand when you discuss your marriage, holding his fingers gently. He'll catch on to your caring ways and hopefully will show the same kindness to you.

Put a Priority on Marriage

Making your marriage number one can help to put the romance back into it, according to licensed social worker Maud Purcell on the website PsychCentral. It's possible that your husband isn't acting romantic because you aren't making your marriage a priority or he is doing the same. Don't let your relationship take a back seat to everything else. Take the time to show your husband that you care and you truly want to make your marriage work. The more he sees that you're invested, the more he will want to act romantically toward you.

Flirt With Him

Between diaper duty, long work days and cleaning the bathtub, flirting may not seem like an activity that you need to engage in with your husband. That said, going back to the sweet, flirty stage of your relationship can put your man in the mood to act romantically. Get flirty and smile seductively at him, make eye contact and lean in when he speaks to you. Flirt with your husband over dinner, during a lazy Sunday morning or any other time when the two of you can take a moment to connect.

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