How to Make a Family Tree

by Contributor

Making a family tree is a fun activity. It is interesting, easy, inexpensive and informative for all involved. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you like, and it will definitely be something that can be passed on from one generation to another.

Decide on what information you want represented on your family tree and how many generations you want to include. Do you want important dates and events? What about significant contributions?

Gather your basic information by doing some research. You may want to list birth and death dates and maybe an interesting fact about each person on your tree. If necessary, contact older family members and ask them for information that they know about your ancestors.

Create your family tree using software, online tools or create your own unique tree with poster paper and craft materials.

Start with your name and information first and work backwards or outwards. You do not have to include all the information you collected earlier.

List your parents on the next branch and then their parent's information. Continue until you reach the desired depth or until you can no longer find any names.

Add photographs if you have them available to make your tree more interesting.

Hang your family tree proudly on the refrigerator or wall for all to see and admire.


  • If you want to have a more detailed family history file, be sure to involve older living relatives who can give you their accounts. Use a tape recorder or video camera to record information about their life.
  • Start simple and get more elaborate as you get better at doing family history research.