Magic Scarf Instructions

A Magic Scarf is designed to be worn in several manners. These scarves are available in many bright nonfading colors of polyester. The polyester is fluffy and retains its shape after hand-washing. The scarves are not flat as a traditional scarf but are actually a long tube that is stretchy to accommodate many styles. This accessory can keep your neck, head, ears and shoulders warm all at once without sliding out of position.

Place the center of a Magic Scarf on the back center of your neck. Wrap the scarf ends around the front of your neck. Let the loose ends hang behind you, or pull both ends to one side of your neck to hang in front. You may also wrap the scarf ends around the front of your neck and again to the back of your neck for extra protection from the cold air.

Hold a Magic Scarf out in front of you. Fold it in half with the loose ends touching each other. Place the folded end on one side of your neck and pull the loose ends through from the front of your neck.

Place one hand on each end of the scarf with your thumbs inside the tube. Gather the scarf with both hands as you do panty hose until your two hands meet in the center of the scarf. Gently open the tube to the size of your shoulders. Place the scarf over your head and cover the tops of your shoulders. Pull the top end up and over your head to cover your neck, ears and head.

Wear the Magic Scarf only covering one shoulder for an asymmetric appearance. You may also pull the top end of the tube down to neck level and pull the excess forward to form a cowl neck.

Open the scarf again with one hand on each end and your thumbs inside the tube. Place it over your shoulders and pull it down to your elbows. Pull the top half down to cover your shoulders. This style is worn like a shawl.