Lucky As Can Be Gift In A Jar

One of my favorite ways to give gifts is in a mason jar. With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to make a mason jar to fit the holiday. This Lucky As Can Be gift in a jar is filled with mint flavored items and has a green and gold theme.

Start by making chalkboard gift tags. Print small, blank gift tags onto a piece of heavy card stock. Then, flip the paper over and paint the back side of the tags with chalkboard paint. Download a free page of blank, printable gift tags below:

Allow the paint to dry, flip the piece of paper over and cut the tags out. Use a paper punch to cut out the hole.

Sharpen the tip of a piece of chalk with a knife and write Lucky As Can Be on the tag.

Next, gather together a large mason jar and all of the supplies for the jar. I filled the jar with eucalyptus spearmint lotion and body wash, dark chocolate mint pearls, mint hot chocolate, mints, dark chocolate and mint squares, spearmint lip gloss, a eucalyptus candle, and gold and green hair ties.

Place all of the items in the jar, one at a time, starting with the largest items. Move things around until everything fits and it looks good from the outside. Wrap baker’s twine, in matching colors, around the lid of the jar and tie on the chalkboard tag.

This is how the jar looked once it was filled.

Even though this jar is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, it could also be given to a friend to wish them good luck whenever they need it.