A Low-Carb Dinner With Ground Turkey

by Elizabeth Smith
With a few tweaks, you can use ground turkey to make a healthy, low-carb meal.

With a few tweaks, you can use ground turkey to make a healthy, low-carb meal.

As with any type of meat, ground turkey is guilt-free for low-carb eaters, but it's a healthy alternative to ground beef for any type of diet because it's lower in both calories and fat. Turkey has a slightly different texture and a lighter taste, but you can use it as a substitute in any of your family's favorite recipes that call for ground beef. If you are concerned about fat content, even with turkey's normally lower numbers, look for "extra lean" on the package.

Taco Salad

For a filling low-carb and kid-friendly dinner, use ground turkey to make a taco salad. Start with a base of shredded lettuce or baby spinach. Cook ground turkey with taco or ranch seasoning and add it to the top of the lettuce. Pile shredded cheese on top of the turkey and add vegetables such as tomatoes, green pepper, onion and even a little Hass avocado. Finish the salad with pico de gallo or low-carb salsa that doesn't contain sugar. If your kids don't like spicy foods, top their salads with a creamy dressing. If you want a bit of crunch without too many carbs, crumble a few tortilla chips on top of the salad, but go easy on them because the carbs add up fast.

Mini Curry Burgers

For a spicy dinner, mix ground turkey with curry, egg, onion, garlic and salt. Form the mixture into miniature burgers, and fry them on medium heat or bake them at 350 degrees. While they cook, make a dip out of plain yogurt mixed with curry and salt and put in the refrigerator to chill. Eat the burgers hot with a big mixed salad topped with a creamy dressing. Curry burgers are also great as a heavy appetizer. You can easily alter this low-carb dinner for picky kids. Replace the curry with ranch seasoning and offer kid-friendly dips such as ketchup, mustard, mayo and creamy dressing.

Turkey and Pepper Wraps

Saute bell peppers, garlic and onion with cilantro and salt until the peppers are tender but not quite done. Put those to the side and use the same pan to cook ground turkey with chili powder and salt. When the turkey is done, stir the pepper mixture back and in and let it all cook until the peppers are done. Wrap the mixture in large lettuce leaves. Use a dab of sour cream, cream cheese or creamy chipotle dressing if you like, and some salsa for extra spice.

Stuffed Peppers

For a filling meal, make stuffed peppers. Cut off the tops of bell peppers in varying colors. Mix ground turkey with salt and pepper or ranch seasoning, stuff the peppers with the turkey mix, and bake at 400 until the meat is cooked through. Put shredded cheese on top of the meat and put the peppers back into the oven until the cheese has melted.

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