How to Love Someone You Hate


Hating anyone is unhealthy. That alone should encourage us to find a way to eliminate hate from our lives. If you’re wondering where to start read this article.

How to Love Someone You Hate

Whatever the disagreement is between you and any individual you need to think about is it really worth the hate that is planted in your heart. The Christians have it right when they say “Let go and Let God”. Basically what this means is, let go of the disagreement you have with someone in your heart. Say to yourself that God will take care of it.

While this is easier said than done, you need to do more than that to accomplish getting rid of the hate and replacing it with love or at least “like”. What needs to be done is actually praying for this person. When you pray for someone it releases your hold of hate on them. You are allowing God to take care of the situation.

Next, think about how you can do something for them. Doing something for them or giving them a gift is like “putting burning coals on their head” It melts their hate of you that they may have had for you. You will be amazed at how easily this can be done and the results that come from it.

The longer we hold on to hate the harder it is to get rid of it. It becomes our friend and in turn our friend makes us bitter. So forgive others before that hate turns into bitterness.

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