Long Distance Relationship Compatibility

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Military deployments, going away to college, and the rise of online dating are all things that have led to an increase in the number of long-distance relationships. Similarly, the spread of modern methods of communication have caused an increase in the success of these relationships. However, the separation requires couples to be emotionally compatible.


For long-distance couples to be compatible, both partners must have patience. Living in different places usually means different schedules, particularly if the separation is due to a military deployment. This means that partners won’t be able to talk to each other when they want or as often as they want. In addition, most couples in ling-distance relationships see each other less than twice a month. Patience will prevent couples from getting too frustrated or resentful during the interim.


When long-distance couples finally get to spend time together, it’s helpful for at least one of them to be creative when planning dates. Instead of just dinner and a movie, one partner might plan a candlelit meal and romantic moonlight walk-anything to make both partners feel special and connected. After all, that one night or weekend might be the only time they see each other that month. Creativity will help them create enough great memories to get through the next separation and help them feel compatible with one another.


Being involved in a long-distance relationship can take an emotional toll. Loneliness and frustration build up over time and lead to feelings of insecurity. Compatible couples will need to share a sense of mentally strength in order to keep those feelings in check. In addition, both partners will need self-confidence to fight against the jealousy that naturally comes up in a long-distance relationship. They will need to be secure enough with themselves and with each other to trust that their partner is being faithful.


The one trait that best determines long-distance couples’ compatibility is communication. For a long-distance relationship to be successful, both partners will need to have strong communication skills. In order to keep feeling close to one another, both partners will need to be able to share details of their lives and to express their emotions. More importantly, they will need to listen and even read between the lines in order to understand how their partner is feeling. The better they are able to communicate, the more likely the relationship is to thrive.