How to Live Happily With A Man

Men really aren't hard to please if you know what to do.

Give him the remote. To men, this is like a magic wand. They sit in their comfy recliner after a hard day's work, put their feet up and reach for the remote. If they can't find it, their world is turned upside down. If you perform this one simple act of handing him the remote, you will see a look of love in his eyes that you haven't seen before.

Pick up his socks without complaining. Men have a tendancy to leave their dirty socks wherever they land. It doesn't matter how many times you complain about it to them, they will continue to do it out of habit. If you stop complaining about it, however, there will be less arguing and a happier home environment.

Cook. They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach--and it 's true. Men love food. A lot of food. It ranks right up there with the remote. The last thing your man wants to do when he comes home from work is go out to a restaurant. He would much rather eat home cooking that came from the heart.

Let him fix it. Never suggest calling the plumber if he wants to fix the bathroom sink. It will only belittle his manhood and cause an argument. You may know that he isn't capable of fixing it properly, but in his mind, it's his castle. For men, making their own home repairs gives them a sense of pride. Life will be much happier if you leave that pride intact.

Tell him you love him. No relationship is complete or can know true happiness unless these words are spoken. No matter how many times you might have felt as though you had to give in to make him happy, at the end of the day, he appreciates you for it. And you saying "I love you" reassures him that you know you're appreciated.