How to Live Without a Boyfriend

A boyfriend is fun to have but a boyfriend is not a necessary part of life. Not having a boyfriend doesn't mean there is something wrong with you as a person. Even if all of your friends have boyfriends and you really want one too, getting a boyfriend should not be the most important part of your life. Follow these steps to learn how to live without having a boyfriend.

Enjoy your independence, it's easy to live without a boyfriend if you learn to enjoy being single. Remember, when you have a boyfriend you have an additional person to discuss plans with and an additional person that wants to spend time with you.

Spend quality time with your friends, when girls get into a relationship they tend to abandon their girl friends. Being single gives you a lot of free time to develop close bonds with your girl friends; friendships usually last longer than relationships.

Date casually and enjoy being able to spend time with many different guys. Casual dating is a lot of fun, you get a chance to get to know many new people and possibly make new friends.

Use the time you have without a boyfriend to find yourself. Focus on who you are as a person and make improvements if you need to, knowing who you are makes you a better girlfriend.

Take up a new hobby. If you fill your schedule with fun activities you will find it easier to live without a boyfriend; you may even meet new friends or possibly find a date that enjoys your new hobby as much as you do.