How to Live With a Bipolar Person

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness in which a person suffers from dramatic hyperactive episodes followed by bouts of depression. Living with a bipolar person can be extremely stressful, both emotionally and financially. Bipolar people can have immense energy and spend lots of money when they are on a high, then be depressed for days immediately after. Their families can begin to feel guilty and burdened, but there is support out there and ways to keep bipolar disorder from ruining families.

Confront the bipolar person you are living with if you see him using drugs or alcohol. Remind him that substance abuse can make his condition worse because depressants like alcohol could bring on a depression, and stimulants like cocaine could make his manic episodes worse.

Talk to her about going to psychotherapy sessions. These sessions can help a bipolar person deal with the difficulties that come with the disease, and help her not feel so alone.

Ask for help from the Department of Mental Health for your state. They can give you financial assistance to help you pay for treatment or offer you advice on how to deal with the stress of living with a bipolar person.

Form a structured routine for everyone in the home. Eat a balanced diet, exercise and keep a daily schedule. The consistency can help lessen stress and mood swings.

Remain social by inviting family and friends to interact with the bipolar person. It's important to not isolate people with mental illnesses because it can make them feel bad about themselves and slow their progress.