List of Wig Makers

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Whether you are looking for someone to make a wig especially for you or you prefer to buy one off the rack, there are a number of custom and ready-made wig makers in the United States. A custom wig costs more than a ready-made one but it may have a more natural look, especially if it is made from your own hair. Either way, most wig makers work exclusively with human hair, as it is more natural looking than synthetic hair.

Kiki Custom Wigs

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Kiki Custom Wig is a custom wig maker with over 35 years of experience making wigs. The wigs made by Kiki Custom Wigs are made of European hair and can be custom or semi-custom made using the most modern wig making techniques. They also make hair extensions. Kiki Custom Wigs interviews their customers prior to creating the wig to ensure the wigs they make fit the customer's desired look, lifestyle and needs.

World of Wigs

World of Wigs is based in Santa Ana, California and creates custom wigs out of the customer's own hair, provided it has been cut to their specifications. World of Wigs has over 45 years of wig making experience and sells custom, ready-made human hair wigs and costume wigs. Custom wigs take about six to eight weeks to produce. For custom wigs, World of Wigs may have to add extra hair as needed and will match the color and texture to the customer's hair.

Custom Wig Company

Custom Wig Company began when owner and lead builder Heather Fleming started designing wigs for theater productions and grew to create custom wigs for costumes and stage productions but also create wigs for everyday wear. The wigs that Custom Wig Company makes are completely custom made and are built from scratch per the customer's specifications for her lifestyle or performance and costume needs. Custom Wig Company uses the best materials available to construct custom wigs for their customers.

Jon Renau

Jon Renau is a family owned wig manufacturer that got its start in South Africa in 1969. In 1984, the owners, John and Stella Reynolds, brought their business to the United States. Now based in Vista, California, Jon Renau makes wig that are available in retail stores across the country. Jon Renau human hair wigs come in 125 styles and 100 colors. They also make costume wigs and toupees and wigs for men.