List of Items Needed for a Baby Shower

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A baby shower is a celebration for an expecting mother. Guests are invited to shower the mother with gifts for the new baby and celebrate the baby’s upcoming birth. Baby showers are planned in advance by a friend or relative. As with any celebration, being organized and knowing what is needed is important.


Timing of the baby shower is important to make sure it happens before the baby is born and when the mother will be most comfortable. Typically showers are given four to six weeks before the baby’s due date. This allows the parents-to-be enough time to organize the gifts they received and determine what else they need for the baby.

Guest List

At any celebration, a guest list is required. The organizer of the shower has to know who is going to be invited and how many will attend. This information plays a role in determining the size of the location where the shower will be held and the supplies needed. The number of guests depends on how many friends and family members the mom-to-be has.


Deciding where to hold the shower takes a lot of thought. The location must be convenient for the mom-to-be and large enough to hold all the attendants from the guest list. A baby shower can be held at someone’s home, a restaurant or a community center.


A notification of the shower and its details must be sent to all intended guests. The invitation should include the date, location, host name and, if possible, an indication of the soon-to-be baby’s gender. Invitations should be sent at least a month before the shower, so they arrive two weeks before the event. Invitations can be handmade or purchased from a retailer.


Most celebrations including baby showers have food for its guest of honor and guests. If the shower is being held at a restaurant, food will be provided. If the shower is at a residence or other location that does not provide food, catering is an option. Cake is an important part of the celebration and needs to be considered when determining the menu.


Most baby showers have entertainment in the form of group games. Guests participate in games relating to the birth of a baby. The host directs the games and explains the rules. Games can include baby bingo, wherein guests circle items the mom-to-be receives as gifts on a bingo sheet. The winner receives a small prize.


Favors are little gifts for the guests acknowledging their attendance and participation in the festivities. Any small item that is baby-related can work and it can be homemade, such as baby bib cookies, or purchased, like a miniature baby bottle filled with candy.