List of Ideas for a Bridal Scavenger Hunt

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Scavenger hunts are a popular theme for bachelorette parties. It is a great way for a bridal party to get together before the wedding, have a good time and get to know one another. Bachelorette parties are usually planned by the maid of honor and include members of the bridal party as well as the bride, who can wear a veil during the scavenger hunt for added fun.

Shopping Mall Scavenger Hunt

Choose a shopping mall as the location for the entire scavenger hunt. Meet at a certain location and divide the participants into teams. Have a list of items to find and tasks to do. When creating the list keep in mind the location and pick things that can be done within the mall. Some ideas for a mall scavenger hunt list include getting a store manager's signature, asking a stranger for a store receipt, getting a shopping bag with a store name on it, buying an unusual pair of socks or getting a napkin from a specific store in the food court.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

A photo scavenger hunt is similar to other scavenger hunts except that all tasks or items are photographed for proof. Each team will need a digital camera or cell phone with photo capabilities. Create a list of items that each team needs to photograph, choose a meeting place to begin and end the scavenger hunt and set a time limit. Some items to include on the photo scavenger hunt list are a photo of a stranger that looks like the groom, a red sports car, one of the team members on a motorcycle, team members playing on children's playground equipment, all team members dressed alike or a team member walking up to a drive-through restaurant window.

Night on the Town Scavenger Hunt

Combine a night on the town with a scavenger hunt for the bridal party. Think of places the bridal party might go to for the evening and compose a scavenger hunt list with the various locations in mind. Some ideas for the list are a book of matches from a bar, a cocktail napkin from a restaurant, a receipt for a drink, a business man's tie, a business card with the name John on it, a two dollar bill, a shot glass with something written on it, or two pairs of shoelaces. Think of out of the ordinary things that will make the hunt both challenging and fun.

Wedding Scavenger Hunt

A wedding-themed scavenger hunt has only items related to weddings or honeymoons on the hunt list. For example, a business card from a florist, a picture of one of the team members in a wedding dress, a picture of a limousine - extra credit for a picture of the driver and double points if you can get a picture of some of the team members in the limousine. Other ideas include a travel agent's brochure for the honeymoon destination, fake wedding rings, a garter, a copy of a movie with "Wedding" in the title or something that represents the honeymoon destination such as a drink umbrella if the destination is a tropical place or a toy boat if it's a cruise.