Lingerie Bridal Shower Crafts

a present box with lacy pink lingerie image by Angel_a from

A lingerie bridal shower is a fun way to prepare the bride for her honeymoon. The party decorations, games and gifts typically revolve around lingerie and/or intimacy. Prepare the lingerie-themed crafts ahead of time to use as party favors or make the crafts during the party as a fun group activity. There are a variety of cute and simple crafts that will complement a lingerie bridal shower.

Potpourri Sachets

Potpourri sachets in sweet colors and flirty styles are not only cute, but also add a light fragrance to a lingerie drawer. These sweet pockets of fragrance take so little time to make that you can easily make them before the bridal shower to use as favors. Or, have each bridal shower guest participate in the craft by making her own satchel. Each satchel requires two square pieces of fabric (approximately 5 inches) and fabric glue. Arrange the two fabric squares back-to-back and glue along three of the edges. Once the glue has dried, fill the pocket with potpourri and seal the fourth edge with glue. If desired, tie a ribbon around the sachet for added style. If you are using this as a group craft at the lingerie bridal shower, provide several different fabric colors and designs, different colored ribbons and a variety of potpourri scents.

Lingerie Cookies

Make a large batch of lingerie cookies for guests to decorate at the lingerie bridal shower. To make the cutting process easier, opt for a sugar cookie recipe without any add-ins. Use a bikini cookie cutter, such as the one offered by, to cut out bra and panty shapes. Provide guests with decorating tools and a variety of frosting colors, including pink, white, red and black. If guests do not wish to eat the cookies right away, place them on a cookie sheet in the refrigerator; the cold temperature helps set the frosting. Once the frosting has hardened, place the cookies into cellophane gift bags and tie with ribbon.

Lingerie Bouquet

Turn panties into a creative and beautiful flower bouquet as shown on To make a bouquet of one dozen “roses,” you will need 12 pairs of panties, floral wire and green floral tape. For each rose, cut a piece of floral wire to approximately 18 inches long. Wrap green floral tape completely around the wire. Lay one pair of panties flat on your working surface and fold the crotch up twice, until it rests just below the waistband. Lay the floral wire vertically on top of the fabric and fold the panties in half, securing the wire inside the fold. Roll the panties from the folded end towards the open end, creating a flower bud. Wrap green floral tape around the bottom of the bud and the wire several times, securing the panty flower onto the stem. Repeat this process until all the panties have been turned into flowers and then arrange in a vase.