Light Finger Food Ideas for Parties

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Finger foods are popular at parties, and choosing lighter options can allow your guests to indulge without worrying about their waistlines. You can always offer cut up vegetables with dip, as well as a fruit tray, but you can also choose more satisfying options that are not only delicious and festive but also light and nutritious.


When preparing dips, there are many ways to cut the fat. Choose lower-fat sour cream and cream cheese, or base the dips on something else entirely. Chickpeas are a fat-free, high-protein base for a dip. Even with olive oil in the dip, it is still a healthy choice. Serve with veggies and small pieces of whole-grain pita. Or serve guacamole; it is high in fat, but the fat is heart healthy, and it can be full of flavor with garlic and tomatoes.


Food on a skewer is popular and fun to eat. Instead of high-fat meat, skewer small pieces of mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and a basil leaf for a portable version of a Caprese salad. Or offer small pieces of grilled chicken or beef with foods that will accentuate their flavors; grilled peppers pair well with chicken, or add grilled mushrooms to a beef skewer. You can also create a bite-size version of a sandwich by skewering a lightly toasted bread cube, some cheese or meat and small pieces of vegetables .


Instead of high-fat chips or nuts, toss chickpeas with olive oil, salt and pepper and bake until crisp. Boost the flavor with your favorite herbs, garlic or even a pinch of cayenne pepper for a spicy snack. This snack will be low in fat and high in protein. If you want to serve chips, make your own tortilla chips out of whole grain tortillas. Cut them up into bite-size pieces, brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Bake in an oven until golden and crisp. Serve with salsa or guacamole.


If you're serving mini wraps, load them up with vegetables instead of high-fat meats and cheese. Use flavorful spreads that are low in fat such as mustard and salsa. If you want a low-carb option, use a lettuce leaf instead of a tortilla as the wrap. You can also offer gourmet-style wraps that are light. Wrap grilled asparagus, potatoes or mushrooms with a piece of prosciutto and bake until crisp. Or wrap with smoked salmon so you can eliminate the baking step.