How to Let Go Of Your Ex Girlfriend

Love is a very strange and subjective emotion. You feel as if you need nothing more from the world when you're with her. She makes you so ecstatic and bring colors into your life. The next moment, you break up and become worst enemies, as your dream of marrying, having kids, and living together is shattered into a million pieces. Break ups hurt, and sometimes, it's better to just let go of the one you love so dearly and just let things be. Learn how you can let go of your ex girlfriend and move forward.

Maybe she cheated on you. Or, you ex girlfriend no longer has that deep connection the two of you once had. Whatever the case might be, you must first assess the situation. Is it worth making up and getting back, or is it simply the end, and you must find ways to cope and move on from the relationship? I will be solely focusing on ways to move on and let go of your ex girlfriend for this article.

So, you've decided that you can no longer go back to your ex girlfriend for whatever reason. If the two of you really loved each other and the relationship was long term, chances are, you'll feel that you must get her back. DO NOT DO THIS! This is where 99% of men screw things up. This will make you appear needy and clingy. This will only push your ex girlfriend away from you, and make you even sadder.

What you want to do is surround yourself with friends and family. Chances are, you'll have a friend who is an expert when it comes to relationships, and he or she will help guide you and comfort you. It truly helps when you are in the presence of people, and to vent out to them. They will listen to you and you will feel a whole lot better.

Break ups are hard. And when I went through one myself, I thought to myself, "How can something like this happen to me?" I felt angry, sad, and hopeless. I didn't want to hang out with friends, eat my favorite food, go out, nothing. However, the more you do this, the more you'll make yourself sad and even set yourself into depression. Even if your heart is telling you that you simply want to do nothing, go out and hang out with friends.

The next step is crucial in helping you move on. CUT OFF ALL CONTACT! If your ex girlfriend is on your phone's contact list, delete her. If she's friends with you on any social networks, delete and block her. Throw away everything that reminds her of you as well as things she gave you. You do not want to always be reminded of her, as this will make you think of her. If you're not ready, you can put them in a box and hide it in a place you won't see.

Now, you let time take care of everything. The longer the two of you were together, the longer it might take. However, I can bet my life on this that TIME will heal. There will be times when you'll miss her; it's only natural. But that's the farthest you'll take it. There is no need to email her or text her out of the blues just because you miss her. She is no longer in your life, and you can think of all the bad things that happened to help you miss her less.

Now, this is the time to work on yourself. Work out, hang out with friends you've neglected, find a new hobby, and just focus on yourself. When we're in relationships, we tend to sacrifice so much for our lovers and take little care our ourselves. Use this time to make yourself into a better person, and work on the things that you can improve.

Something that I've noticed after break up was that some ex girlfriends tend to find a new partner rather quickly. In the beginning, this will upset the heck out of you. You will wonder, "How can she do this when she loved me so much?" You will feel cheated on, anger, hate, and any negative emotion you can describe. However, this feeling will be TEMPORARY. It's only natural to feel like this, especially when you loved her so much. You have to deal with it. Why? Give it some time, and you'll feel numb. You will NOT care anymore. And once you feel like that, you are on your way towards moving on from your ex girlfriend.

Truth is, break ups are painful. You love a girl and give her your heart, in hopes of spending the rest of your life with her. However, things don't always work out the way we want it to. The best thing we can do is to deal with it. When life gives you lemon, make lemonades! By knowing how to deal with any giving situation, whether bad or good, you can become a much stronger person and slowly learn how to let go of things that are no longer worth clinging on to.