Does a Lemon Pound Cake Freeze Well?

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Originally, pound cake recipes actually called for a pound each of the basic ingredients: flour, eggs, milk and sugar. Modern versions usually stick to the same general format, making it a dessert that is easy to freeze. Added ingredients such as lemon flavoring do not affect the overall composition and ability to preserve it for long periods of time in the freezer.

Frosty Goodness

Pound cakes, in general, freeze well due to the density and the lack of delicate ingredients such as cream and egg whites. If your lemon pound cake recipe calls for a frosting of any kind, freeze the frosting separately and stir it well after defrosting and before adding it to the cake. Place the cake in a freezer-proof container or wrap it in two layers of thick plastic wrap, covered by an additional layer of foil. Freeze individual slices for easy access at any time.