How to Leave Him When I Am the Mistress

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Dating a married man is a dangerous game. In addition to putting his marriage and family on the line, you are risking your own reputation. Participating in an affair might be exciting at first, but an affair doesn't provide much in the way of an open, honest relationship. If you decide you have had enough of being the other woman and want to walk away, it is best to quit cold turkey and never come back. Leaving any relationship is difficult, but it can be especially tricky in this situation.

Step 1

Be honest with yourself about your relationship. No matter how much your man says he wants to leave his wife, he probably is not planning to do so. If he wanted to run away with you, he would have found a way. Take stock of your relationship and admit to yourself that it's a dead end.

Step 2

Contact your man and tell him you do not want to see him anymore. A simple phone call is enough in this situation, as meeting him in person simply extends the risk of being caught together.

Step 3

Avoid telling his wife or getting involved with his family life. You are just as guilty as he is, but it is not your place to spring the truth on a stranger. Walk away from the situation and stay out of it.

Step 4

Break your daily routine. If you met your married man at the gym or a coffee shop, try switching up your schedule to avoid running into him unexpectedly.

Step 5

Focus on meeting a new person with whom you can share your life, without the need for secrecy. An open and honest relationship will be much more fulfilling and will ensure you stay away from that married man for good.