Learning How to Braid Extensions


0:04 hi I'm de Misha Webster hairstylist at

0:07 Mariah Dior salon I'm going to show you

0:09 how to break hair with extension this is

0:11 great to use if you want to add length

0:13 and fullness to your clients hair start

0:16 with a nice clean part separate any

0:18 unwanted hair we're going to take the

0:21 extension hair keeping it nice and

0:23 smooth and flip the hair over and around

0:27 so that you have three parts you're

0:30 going to bring that extend your hair

0:32 around the human here and we're going to

0:36 braid the hair into the extension here

0:39 I saw your extender add an extension on

0:48 right all the way to the end now you can

0:50 quickly and easily use braid extensions