Do Lasers Work to Tighten Skin in Older Women?

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Your skin becomes thinner, looser and more prone to wrinkle damage as you get older. On top of that, the glands in your skin which provide oil to protect it from dryness and scaliness also get smaller with age. Laser resurfacing treatments may seem like a drastic measure and dangerous to a person whose skin is already in a seemingly fragile state, but lasers allow for an aggressive approach to skin repair by promoting skin and collagen growth, which is the key to tightening advanced age-affected skin.

Laser Resurfacing

Skin resurfacing laser technologies include both ablative and non-ablative lasers. The ablative types, CO2 and YAG lasers, create new skin by damaging and removing the surface layer of wrinkle-affected skin while keeping the subsurface layers intact. The skin that emerges is tighter because it is completely new. Non-ablative lasers work by providing heat energy to subsurface skin layers while leaving the surface layer intact. This subsurface heat damage promotes the growth of new collagen, which is the key to reinvigorating skin elasticity.