Ladies Hats for Brunch Events & Activities

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Nothing exudes an air of elegance from a lady like a lovely hat on a special occasion. Whether the occasion is formal or casual, playful or serious or takes place during the day or evening, there is a perfect hat fit for the event. Given the diversity among hat styles, a hat for a ladies brunch event or activity is undoubtedly available to meet every every type of personal style.

Church Hats

Appropriate for a formal brunch or high tea, church hats are among the fancier styles of lady's hats. They often feature wide brims that can be bended and molded any way the wearer wishes, and often come in flamboyant colors, textured fabrics and feature elaborate adornments like silk flowers, feathers, lace and bows. Church hats are appropriate daytime wear, particularly for a fancier brunch event such as a champagne brunch or a wedding brunch, as long as they are a daytime-appropriate color. For example, while a pastel pink church hat would be appropriate for a brunch event, a black one with metallic silver adornments would not be.

Garden Party Hats

Garden party hats are ideal for casual, summer/spring brunches. Normally featuring large, floppy brims, garden party hats are meant to shade the eyes of ladies who spend their late mornings and early afternoons socializing and having a bite to eat outdoors. Garden party hats are usually offered in solid, pastel hues, floral patterns or polka dots. They are most commonly adorned with large ribbons and bows or fabric flowers in a similar floppy style.

Kentucky Derby Hats

Perhaps the most famous type of hat, the Kentucky Derby hat has become synonymous with horse races around the globe, as well as with the glamorous women who frequent them. Appropriate for day or night depending on the color and style, Kentucky Derby hats are not for the faint of heart. Featuring a fitted cap and an excessively oversized, floppy brim, Kentucky Derby hats are worn tilted to the side so as to not disguise the face of the woman wearing it. Kentucky Derby hats are appropriate for ladies brunch events with either a formal or business/charity twist, but not for simple socializing.

Royal Ascot Hats

The most formal of the bunch, Royal Ascot hats are elaborate pieces of head wear that can also be considered wearable artwork. Made famous by the Royal family's wearing of these types of hats to every major marriage or christening within the family, as well as to the Royal-family sponsored Ascot Horse Races, Royal Ascot hats are appropriate for a ladies brunch event or activity only if she is meant to be the center of attention, such as the bride-to-be at an engagement brunch or perhaps the honoree of the year at a charity function. Royal Ascot hats are meant to attract attention, so the more outrageously designed, the better.