How to Know If Your Boyfriend Is Using You

It's easy to get so caught up in a relationship that you don't even realize when the other person is using you for his own benefit. It may start off small, and soon you're paying his rent and cleaning his house without as much as a thank you. Keep reading to find out some ways to know if your boyfriend is using you.

Compare your relationship to those of your friends. If you're the only one whose boyfriend never picks up the check at dinner, that may be a clear sign that your boyfriend is using you. Ask your friends what they think of certain behaviors. If all of your friends think he's crossing the line, chances are that he is crossing the line.

Decide how much you can take. Some people don't have a problem with cleaning up after a guy or pampering him, but they draw the line when it comes to sex or money. Decide what you're OK with, then let your boyfriend know what behavior is unacceptable.

Watch how your boyfriend acts in front of his friends. If he brags to them that he has you whipped, that's an easy way to know he's using you. If he expects you to treat his buddies to dinner or give them other favors, that's a big red flag.

Cut him off. If he's really using you for money, one way to tell his true motivation is to stop paying for things. Tell him that you're low on funds for a few weeks and see if he sticks around. If he doesn't, you have your answer.