What Kinds of Shirts Go With Combat Boots?

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Combat boots may conjure up images of 1990s grunge fashion, but these comfortable, military-inspired shoes don't go only with flannel and hoodies. To wear combat boots in a stylish way, choose classic tops that don't make the boots seem like part of a vintage costume. Because combat boots have a rugged, masculine vibe, you can also pair them with delicate or relaxed pieces that can help soften your look.

Keep It Simple

For a simple, casual look, pair your combat boots with a basic T-shirt. Whether it’s a scoop or V-neck, a tee has a relaxed, low key look that works well with the sturdy look of the boots. Opt for a classic white tee or try another neutral shade such as black or gray. An olive green tee can also work well because it has a military feel that complements the boots. Wear the tee and combat boots with a pair of rolled up boyfriend jeans for chic weekend outfit. If the weather’s cool, layer a cardigan or fitted blazer over the tee to dress up the look of the boots.

Go Military

Because combat boots are military inspired, they go well with a shirt that has a similar style. It can be as simple as choosing a top with a camouflage pattern. To keep the look soft, though, choose a camo shirt in a delicate material such as chiffon or silk. However, if the camo look is a little too on the nose, opt for a blouse that features military-inspired details including shoulder tabs and gold buttons. Wear it with skinny jeans and your combat boots for a style that’s polished but still tough.

Flirty Fashion

Create a striking look by wearing your sturdy combat boots with a top that has a flirty, feminine look. Try a blouse with lace details or a bow-tie neckline. A ruffled blouse can also help create a balanced look with the masculine boots. The colors you choose for your top can make a difference too. Opt for a blouse in a soft color like pink, peach, lilac or aqua. A delicate floral print button-down in a sheer fabric also works well with combat boots and jeans.

Slouching Around

Combat boots pair well with slim-fitting pants such as leggings. The trick to that type of look, though, is finding a shirt that’s long enough to cover your backside. A loose, comfortable boyfriend sweater is an ideal option with leggings and combat boots when you want a lazy weekend outfit that’s still high on style. A V-neck sweater is the most flattering option -- the neckline helps elongate the look of your body so you don’t have to worry about the slouchy sweater making you look larger. If you want a more polished look, wear a white button-down blouse under the sweater.