Kinds of Clothes That Go With Cowgirl Boots

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Cowgirl boots insert a good dose of country into whatever you’re wearing, but that doesn’t mean your entire look needs to be farm-inspired. Depending on how you choose to style them, you can use a great pair of cowgirl boots to dress down a fancy frock or to add a rugged accent to a weekend-casual outfit. Although cowgirl boots are available in a wide range of fun colors with whimsical details, you’ll likely get the most mileage out of a more traditional pair.

Go All-American with Denim

Denim is a classic pairing for cowgirl boots. Wear cowgirl boots under flared or bootcut denim, or tuck your skinny jeans into the top of your boots. If your boots are relatively neutral -- black or brown without any wild patterns -- try wearing them with colorful or patterned jeans for a different take on the otherwise-all-American look. For a flirty weekend outfit, show off your legs and pair your boots with some sassy denim shorts. Regardless of the denim you choose, prevent your ensemble from looking too much like a cowgirl costume by avoiding other country-themed clothing and accessories, like plaid shirts or oversized belt buckles. Instead, consider adding something unexpected, like a feminine silk blouse or a comfortable, slouchy sweater.

Summertime Boots and Dresses

When you need a break from heels and wedges, try pairing a sundress with cowgirl boots instead for a flirty warm-weather look. If you’d like to go with the country theme, complete your outfit with a denim jacket or an unbuttoned chambray shirt. Or, if you’d prefer to let your boots stand on their own, wear a summery blazer or cardigan over your dress instead. A blazer worn over your sundress will offer a subtle equestrian vibe. Choose accessories that complement your sundress -- minimalistic jewelry will look great with a patterned or extra vibrant frock, and bolder pieces are excellent add-ons for a simple dress.

Lounging in Leggings

When you want to take a break from jeans -- but it’s too cold outside to go completely bare-legged -- wear your cowgirl boot with some dark leggings and a tunic or long, slouchy sweater. Riding boots are often a go-to pairing with leggings, but change things up by wearing cowgirl boots instead. Because this look is ultra-casual, don't over style -- a simple cuff, small hoops and a classic bag are all you need to finish off the outfit.

Night-Out Attire

Get more mileage out of some of your best night-on-the-town clothes -- think cocktail dresses, sequined skirts and lacy shirts -- by pairing them with cowgirl boots. Such unexpected pairings make help make your dressy attire appropriate for a more low-key occasion. If you’re not sold on the idea of wearing cowgirl boots with your silk dress, start small and choose a piece of clothing in the same color family as your boots. Choose a gold sequined top and rock it with dark skinny jeans and brown boots for a subtle style merge.