Kinds of Clothes That Go With Cowgirl Boots

by Katherine Mitt
Wear your cowgirl boots with skirts and dresses for an unexpected look.

Wear your cowgirl boots with skirts and dresses for an unexpected look.

Cowgirl boots insert a good dose of country into whatever you’re wearing, but that doesn’t mean your entire look needs to be farm-inspired. Depending on how you choose to style them, you can use a great pair of cowgirl boots to dress down a fancy frock or to add a rugged accent to a weekend-casual outfit. Although cowgirl boots are available in a wide range of fun colors with whimsical details, you’ll likely get the most mileage out of a more traditional pair.

Go All-American with Denim

Denim is a classic pairing for cowgirl boots. Wear cowgirl boots under flared or bootcut denim, or tuck your skinny jeans into the top of your boots. If your boots are relatively neutral -- black or brown without any wild patterns -- try wearing them with colorful or patterned jeans for a different take on the otherwise-all-American look. For a flirty weekend outfit, show off your legs and pair your boots with some sassy denim shorts. Regardless of the denim you choose, prevent your ensemble from looking too much like a cowgirl costume by avoiding other country-themed clothing and accessories, like plaid shirts or oversized belt buckles. Instead, consider adding something unexpected, like a feminine silk blouse or a comfortable, slouchy sweater.

Summertime Boots and Dresses

When you need a break from heels and wedges, try pairing a sundress with cowgirl boots instead for a flirty warm-weather look. If you’d like to go with the country theme, complete your outfit with a denim jacket or an unbuttoned chambray shirt. Or, if you’d prefer to let your boots stand on their own, wear a summery blazer or cardigan over your dress instead. A blazer worn over your sundress will offer a subtle equestrian vibe. Choose accessories that complement your sundress -- minimalistic jewelry will look great with a patterned or extra vibrant frock, and bolder pieces are excellent add-ons for a simple dress.

Lounging in Leggings

When you want to take a break from jeans -- but it’s too cold outside to go completely bare-legged -- wear your cowgirl boot with some dark leggings and a tunic or long, slouchy sweater. Riding boots are often a go-to pairing with leggings, but change things up by wearing cowgirl boots instead. Because this look is ultra-casual, don't over style -- a simple cuff, small hoops and a classic bag are all you need to finish off the outfit.

Night-Out Attire

Get more mileage out of some of your best night-on-the-town clothes -- think cocktail dresses, sequined skirts and lacy shirts -- by pairing them with cowgirl boots. Such unexpected pairings make help make your dressy attire appropriate for a more low-key occasion. If you’re not sold on the idea of wearing cowgirl boots with your silk dress, start small and choose a piece of clothing in the same color family as your boots. Choose a gold sequined top and rock it with dark skinny jeans and brown boots for a subtle style merge.

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