What Kind of Undergarments Do You Wear Under Your Wedding Dress?

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The type of undergarments that you wear with your wedding gown will depend on the material and cut of your dress. Choose undergarments that fit well since you'll want to feel comfortable throughout your wedding day. If you're wearing a white dress, wear nude or white undergarments and make sure beforehand that they don't show through.

Seamless Panties

Seamless panties are made so the side seams are eliminated. This decreases the possibility of lines showing through tight or clingy clothing. Seamless panties are best suited for wedding dresses made of thin fabric, such as silk. They also work well if your gown is fitted around your rear. Seamless panties are typically made of soft material that is comfortable and breathable.

Corset Top

Best for ballgown-style dresses, the corset top has multiple benefits. It serves to lift your bust line, provide support for good posture and accentuate your natural curves. Since this style of undergarment covers the full length of your torso, you'll want to avoid wearing a corset under a dress made of very thin material such as satin or chiffon. Corsets are available both with straps and strapless, so you can choose one based on the neckline of your gown.


If you're seeking to smooth out your figure or add additional support under your wedding gown, consider wearing shapewear such as a minimizer or a bodysuit. Shapewear can help to disguise problem areas such as the abdomen or hips. Shapewear is also beneficial in creating a barrier between your skin and your wedding gown, which guards against uncomfortable fabrics.

Strapless Bra

Strapless or halter-style wedding dresses work best with a strapless bra. A strapless bra eliminates the worry of straps being exposed and still provides a great deal of support. Many brides opt to have their strapless bra sewn into their wedding dress by a tailor or seamstress to avoid the worry of having their bra slip or shift on the wedding day. Another option is to look for a style with silicone strips around the cups that grip your skin and prevent your bra from moving out of place.