What Kind of Necklace Would You Wear With a Strapless Prom Dress?

by Stacey Kole
Carrie Underwood rocks a crystal bib necklace with a black strapless gown at the Grammy Awards.

Carrie Underwood rocks a crystal bib necklace with a black strapless gown at the Grammy Awards.

Strapless dresses are a quintessential fashion choice for weddings, galas and, of course, a teen girl's prom. After finding that perfect strapless frock, all that’s left to complete a formal outfit is a little bit of accessorizing. Styling a strapless dress with on-trend jewelry is easy, because a strapless number is the ideal canvas for virtually any type of neck adornment. From multi-layered strands to stones and baubles, the right statement-making necklace for your daughter's big night is just a shopping trip away.

Jeweled Statement Necklaces

A neutral-toned strapless dress -- think white, black or silver -- gains richness and a pop of color when paired with a large costume-jeweled necklace. Pick a piece that interweaves a metallic, like gold, with eye-catching faux stones. For example, a black satin ball gown takes on an elegant appearance with an emerald or sapphire-blue colored necklace, while a silver strapless dress is perfectly complemented by amethyst stones. Stick with crystals and jewel tones to keep the look sophisticated -- perfect for a prom princess.

Multi-Layered Strands

A strapless gown in bright fuchsia, yellow or tangerine doesn’t necessarily require additional color in the mix. Layers of chains -- gold, silver, pewter, graphite or even a mix of all of the above -- infuse edginess into the overall look. If you'd like to add extra interest, a combination of chains with dainty stones, like lightly colored Lucite, is a way to incorporate a drop of color and bring an added element to a basic multi-chain look.

Bib Necklaces

For a "notice me" necklace, search no further than a bib. A bib necklace -- a large, thick piece of at least three rows of beads, pearls or stones with a single-chain neck attachment -- is the height of drama. Multi-colored baubles, antique metals and gems, or mineralized stones are all building blocks of these high-fashion pieces. Because such a necklace speaks volumes on its own, pair it with a dress that isn’t too busy. Choose from a multitude of light-hued, solid-colored strapless gowns -- think a muted green, pastel pink, ivory or black -- and rock it with a bib necklace for trend-setting glam.

Simple Pendants

When a dress is heavily sequined, stoned or beaded, or incorporates a graphic print with intricate style elements, keep the jewelry simple. Choose a delicate, single-strand chain with a drop pendant. Wear it long -- past the strapless dress line -- for a more casual, trend-setting look. Or have it hit an inch above the material of your strapless dress and rest on your chest for a sweet, feminine vibe. Play with both chain and pendant colors. For example, a rose-gold metal chain and a pink crystal drop looks striking if your gown is a vibrant mix of black, purple and pink. Or, pick an all-silver chain with a black or clear crystal pendant if you’re wearing a black sequined gown.

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