Kids Birthday Party Menu Ideas

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Dish up party food kids are sure to love at your next birthday party. With all the excitement of the event, kids want foods that are quick to eat so they don't miss a thing. Plan your menu to match the theme of the party or around the birthday boy or girl's favorite foods. Avoid items containing peanuts and other common allergens just to be safe.

Finger Foods

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Finger foods are a favorite of most kids. Serve fries and chicken nuggets with a choice of dips. Serve onto individual plates or fill large bowls with the food and place in the middle of the table with the dips in smaller bowls with serving spoons.

Fruit Kabobs

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Make fruit kabobs. Cut an assortment of melons into small cubes or use a small melon baller. Thread the melon onto wooden skewers along with grapes, strawberries and other small fruits. Serve on a platter or on a melon for something a little different. Cut a honeydew or cantaloupe in half and lay on the platter cut side down. Spear the ends of the kabob skewers into the melon rind to display.

All the food could be served on sticks---place deli meats and cheese cubes on the skewers to serve with the fruit.

Food Bars

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Let the kids serve themselves at a food bar. This way you are sure everyone likes the food they are eating. Purchase personal-size pizza crusts or make your own. Fill bowls with sauce, cheese and a variety of toppings. Have the children top their pizzas however they desire, then bake.

Tacos are a welcome change from pizza. Let the kids choose from soft flour tortillas or taco shells. Place taco beef, cooked chicken, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and salsa in bowls. The kids can choose if they want a crunchy or soft taco and then fill them however they like.

Hot Dogs

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Hot dogs are a kid favorite. Avoid serving them to toddlers as they can be a choking hazard. Boil or grill plenty of hot dogs. Let kids choose from an assortment of toppings and condiments such as relish, ketchup, mustard and cheese. Add a bowl of chili and melted cheese sauce for kids who prefer chili dogs.

Appetizer Spread

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Instead of a single main dish with sides, serve a variety of one- or two-bite appetizers. Arrange platters on the food table with a different choice on each one. Place cheese or meat slices on crackers. Instead of toothpicks spear them with cupcake picks with a birthday motif. Fill bowls with chips and serve with kid-friendly dips such as cheese sauce and ranch.

Serve bite-size versions of favorite foods. Make miniature pigs in a blanket. Wrap cocktail sausages in frozen crescent roll dough. Make miniature pizzas with sliced baguette. Slice bread into half-inch rounds. Top with pizza sauce and cheese and melt in the microwave or toaster oven.

Create playful finger sandwiches. Cut the bread slices with cookie cutters before adding the fillings. Use miniature cookie cutters in simple shapes such as stars, hearts and circles, or use larger, more detailed cutters that fit the party theme. Cut the cheese and meat fillings with the same cutter or use a spreadable filling such as pimento spread.