How to Keep My Ex From Moving Out of State With the Kids

Follow these guidelines if you want to keep your ex from taking your kids out of state. To begin with, you need to inform yourself about the details of the custody order. Get a lawyer to help you understand it well. Consider just how far you are willing to go to keep your kids close. Most important of all, make sure that you will look good physically, financially and emotionally when your legal actions take you in front of the court.

Reread the custody order you have with your ex. Determine whether you have shared custody or your ex has primary or even sole custody. It is possible, but unlikely, that the order precludes either of you from moving away with your children. Shared custody orders typically look to the best interests of the child and do not rule out anything. If your ex has custody, then it may only be necessary for her to file notice of intent to move with the court.

Retain a lawyer to help you better understand your state's laws regarding divorce and child custody. Each state is potentially different. The lawyer can give you expert advice regarding your particular case and keep you from making a mistake that undermines your efforts.

Request that your ex pay for the children to visit you or vice versa if you have any custody and visitation rights. If your lawyer is successful in making this motion, it may discourage your ex-spouse from going through with moving the children so far away. If this doesn't stop her, then at least you will not have to worry about paying the cost of visitation.

Keep your life in order. If you go through with contesting the move, you will certainly end up in court and will need to make a good impression on the judge. This means you should care for your physical appearance and financial stability. Appearing to the judge as a competent, responsible parent can help influence a judge who may deem it harmful for your children to move.