How to Keep a Love Affair Exciting

One of the best parts of a love affair is the excitement at the beginning. But now that you're a few weeks or months into the affair, you find your excitement is waning. You're wondering if there's anything you can do to keep a love affair exciting.

Try some time apart. Perhaps the reason your affair isn't as exciting is because you're spending every waking minute together. Go out with some friends (remember them?) for some girl or guy time or find a hobby your lover isn't into.

Tell your friends about it, if your love affair is a secret. Relive the beginning of your affair in the telling and you may find the excitement you're craving.

Vary your sexual routine. Perhaps the reason your affair is getting boring is because your sex life is monotonous. Try different positions, different places and different times. Take your time having sex or if all you're doing is spending time having sex, go for a quickie.

Take the time to send each other e-mails or text messages during the day, if possible. This helps you anticipate your time together.

Change your activities together. If all you do is spend your time at your place, try going to his place. Try a new restaurant or go out of town for the weekend. Find something fun to do in your city or a nearby city like a zoo or mini golf trip.

Purchase little gifts for each other. It doesn't have to be anything big-a simple bouquet of flowers, CD or even a candy bar can go a long way to keeping your love affair exciting.