How to Keep a Long Distance Relationship With Teens

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Long-distance relationships are relatively common with teenagers, especially for couples who began dating in high school and enrolled in different colleges, whether they are two hours away or across the country from each other. These kinds of relationships require a lot of effort and dedication from both sides and can fall apart very easily without proper attention. After all, people in long distance relationships can often go weeks or even months without seeing each other face-to-face.

Talk to each other every day. To make a long-distance relationship thrive, communicate as much as you are able. Life can get busy, especially when school is involved, but it is vital to make the effort in nurturing your long-distance relationship. Whether it is through a simple text message, email, telephone or instant message, go the extra mile to stay involved and in-the-know about each others' lives.

Visit frequently. With romance, it is important to be around each other to maintain a healthy and strong relationship. This can be difficult logically and monetarily, especially on tight teenage budgets. Whenever you can squeeze in a weekend or scrounge up the extra cash for gasoline or a plane or train ticket, visit your significant other, or have them visit you, if possible. Learn about his life, such as his college campus, roommates, job, friends and favorite hangouts in his area. The more you are in the loop about his life, the better companion you can be to him.

Listen. When you speak with your partner, make sure to listen to what she says about her life. Learn all of the details about her daily life in the same way you would if you resided in the same city. Whether it is about her crazy heavy metal roommate or an incredible tough chemistry course, show her that you are actively listening to her and that you are interested in and care about what she has to say.

Go out on "dates." Even if you cannot physically be together, it can be very healthy to put together romantic "date nights," even if it is simply through the phone or through video chat. Dress up, to look your best and sip a mug of coffee while you talk to your beloved from miles and miles away.

Show him that you care. From a distance, one effective way to display caring and love is by sending things. Whether you are sending a care package full of his favorite foods, photographs of you and quirky mementos of his personality, or a simple greeting card, keep your romance alive and well by providing him with reminders that you care about him and are always thinking of him, no matter how far apart you may be.

Develop trust. Without trust, maintaining a successful long-distance relationship can be very difficult. It is all too common for couples to have suspicions while they are apart. After all, it is impossible to know what the other is doing when you cannot physically be around. Engage in open and honest communication with your partner to establish an atmosphere of trust and sincerity. Do not give your partner reason to doubt you by flaking out on "date nights," email responses and general contact.

Exercise some patience. Long-distance relationships can get very frustrating. In order to make them thrive, it is important to be patient. Waiting to see the other person can often lead to tension, but if you want to make your relationship work, you have to fight it. Keep yourself occupied in your life, whether it's friends, your education or career. Maintain your focus on your ultimate goal, which is seeing your significant other again.

Put together future goals. Couples work efficiently when they have a mutual plan. To create a rapport, establish a shared goal for the future. Make plans together, whether it is a Caribbean vacation during spring break or moving to cities much closer in distance.

Be flexible. In a long-distance relationship, flexibility is crucial. Life is unpredictable and things happen. If a situation arises and your partner cannot make your nightly online chatting session, try to understand. Last-minute cancellations are the name of the game when it comes to long-distance relationships. Avoid starting a fuss over every little inconvenience, as long as your partner doesn't make it a habit. Accept that things occasionally will not go your way and expect the same treatment, in return, from your partner.