How to Keep Coffee From Staining Your Teeth

Just like it can stain your skin and your clothing, coffee can stain your teeth. Whether you have the occasional early-morning pick-me-up or you sip throughout the day, coffee can take a very visible toll on your teeth -- but only if you let it. Find ways to prevent stains from forming without having to give up your favorite brew.

Step 1

Sip your coffee with a straw. Switching to iced coffee allows you to drink it through a straw, which carries your drink straight past the most visible surfaces of your teeth. When you drink from a mug, the coffee washes right up against the front of your teeth, leading to visible staining.

Step 2

Rinse your mouth after drinking coffee. Ideally, you should brush or rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash after coffee to clear away the staining plaque. If that isn't an option, even rinsing with water can help.

Step 3

Eat fruits and veggies that scrape plaque from your teeth. The texture and chemical makeup of certain fruits and vegetables, such as apples, carrots and celery, help clear plaque off of your teeth. Munch on some after your coffee, and their acidity and rough texture will help you prevent stains from forming.

Step 4

Chew gum after you finish your coffee. It does more than freshen your breath -- it helps you generate saliva, which keeps your mouth clean and helps prevent the acids in coffee from lingering on your teeth.