How to Join Boys and Girls Club of America

The Boys and Girls Club of America gives children the skills they need to succeed. The organization has many programs that address issues affecting children. The Boys and Girls Club teaches life skills and character and leadership traits. It also works to prevent drug use and pregnancy and help teens find careers.

Search on the Boys and Girls Club website for a club near you (see Resources below). You can type in your zip code or call 1-800-854-CLUB.

Click on the link to your area's Boys and Girls Club. This will direct you to the local website. It's chock full of information and programs you can attend.

Look on the website for upcoming activities. Some have holiday parties, sports teams and cultural celebrations. The articles usually give you the date of the event. Feel free to stop by.

Go to or call the center closest to you and speak with an employee. Talk about what your child is interested in. See what programs and services are available.

Consider volunteering your time to help. There are opportunities for everyone, depending on your talents and likes. You can tutor children, mentor teens, coach sports, teach arts and music or help out during parties.

Fill out an application with BGC and give two references. BGC will do a criminal background check. This will be followed by an interview and orientation.