Italian Bridal Shower Games

Italian bridal shower games are a fun way to tie together an Italian themed wedding shower. Italy is a great theme for an Italian bride, a bride going to Italy on her honeymoon or a shower where guests are encouraged to gift cookware and small appliances for the bride's new kitchen. Whatever the reason, guests will enjoy games centered on the country's famous landmarks, activities and delicious food.

Wedding Words

List a number of wedding words such as “bride,” “groom,” “dress,” “chapel,” “cake,” “marriage” and so on in Italian and see which guest can translate the words the fastest. Include the English translations out of order in the next column for an easier game.


Quiz guests on Italian trivia with a fill-in-the blank worksheet. Ask questions about famous Italian actresses, love songs, foods, cities and landmarks. If the bride is going to Italy on her honeymoon, ask specific questions about her honeymoon. Ask questions about an Italian bride’s heritage: what city does her family hail from, which parent is Italian and what is the bride’s favorite Italian food.

Memory Tray

Fill a tray with things the bride would need and see on a honeymoon to Italy: lip gloss, camera, sunblock, map, toy Ferrari, and miniatures of a gondola, the Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa. Allow each guest a set time to look at the basket and then take it away. See which guest can remember the most items from the tray.

Wine Challenge

Hold a blindfolded wine tasting for a crowd of legal drinking age. Challenge guests to determine which wine is white or red. Make the game more specific for wine connoisseurs and see who can identify the different types of Italian wines.

Name the Pasta

Cook a variety of Italian pastas and see which guest can identify all the noodles the fastest. Have guests identify the pasta by look or blindfold guests and make the game a taste test, too. Enjoy the pasta for lunch after the game is over.