Invitation Ideas for Mary Kay

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The success of any home party business relies heavily on the appeal of your invitation. Except for the few faithful friends who turn up just to be supportive, an unattractive invitation will reap few benefits. Use invitation ideas for Mary Kay that will sizzle with attractive graphics and easy-to-read text. Buy or create invitations that will pique the interest of potential guests and compel them to attend.

Bubble Graphics

Use a black-and-white invitation for elegant appeal. Set various-shaped black bubble text boxes on the front of your invitation. Use a stark white background for extra drama. With white fonts, type the name of your event in the largest bubble. In the smaller bubble boxes, add such important information as the Mary Kay event's time, date and location.

Bling Invitations

Buy pink invitations and dress them up with stick-on rhinestones. Add a large rhinestone or several smaller stick-on jewels to the cover. Tuck the invitation in the envelope spine first. Sprinkle silver confetti inside the card. When the guest opens her invitation, her confetti will fly. For extra fun, send her a light-up bling ring to wear to the party. Buy these rings at a party supply store. The ring will light up when you twist a fake diamond on top.

Ticket Invitations

Send your guests your favorite girly invitations with a twist. Include a ticket to redeem a free prize if she attends. Create the tickets using a computer, printer and a graphic program. Include instructions for guests to bring their tickets to the party in order to redeem the prizes. Also, include the stipulation that they must attend in order to receive the prize. Before the Mary Kay party, pick up funny girly prizes at the dollar store, such as glitzy coin purses or swanky headbands. Dress the gifts up in pink wrapping paper and present them to the guests who show up.

Lipstick Samples

Before sending out Mary Kay invitations, ask your consultant to provide you with lipstick samples you can include in your invitations. Choose colors that most guests would enjoy modeling, such as pink or red. Ask guests to wear the lip color to the party. Take pictures of your guests wearing their new lip colors. Ask your guests to model their lip colors and tell everyone what they are wearing. Send eye shadow or blush samples if lipstick samples are not available.