Instructions for the Use of Mouth Grills

Grills, also called "grillz" or "fronts," are an iconic piece of hip-hop jewelry popularized by rappers like Paul Wall and Lil Wayne. Grills are sets of metal coverings that fit over your teeth, and are often inset with precious or semi-precious stones. While grills are often associated with the southern "Dirty South" hip-hop culture, hip-hop mythology credits the origin of grills to New York jeweler Eddie Fine, owner of Eddie's Gold Teeth, who made the first grills in the 1980s for New York rappers like Flava Flav, Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap.

Only wear grills that are properly custom fitted to your mouth. Your dentist or jeweler will have you bite down on a mold to make an impression of your teeth. The jeweler will use this mold to make the grill.

Buy removable grills, and never permanently attach anything to your teeth. A permanent grill is a recipe for infection and tooth decay. Additionally, grills made from base metals may cause an allergic reaction.

Fit the grill over your teeth and gently press it into place. If properly fitted, it should fit easily over your teeth.

Remove your grill before eating. Food can easily get trapped in your grill and between your grill and teeth, making a place for bacteria to grow. Bacteria will not only make your breath stink, but will rot your teeth and destroy your gums.

Limit the time you spend wearing your grill to help slow the growth of bacteria. You shouldn't wear your grill all day, every day.

Brush and floss your real teeth often, especially before you put on your grill and after you take it off.

Clean your grill every time you wear it. Brush the inside surfaces, where your teeth go, with a soft toothbrush, and rinse your grill with hydrogen peroxide. When you're done cleaning your grill, rinse off the hydrogen peroxide with cold water.

Regularly check that any details and jewels in your grill are firmly attached. If anything is loose, take your grill to a jeweler and get it repaired before you wear it again. You don't want to accidentally swallow a diamond.