Instructions for the Presto Bread Slicing Guide

by Tara Kimball

Items you will need

  • Kitchen towel
  • Bread knife

The Presto Bread Slicing Guide holds your homemade or unsliced bread loaves for even slicing based on the plastic guides. You can determine how thick or thin you want your bread slices to be, and can ensure an even slice every time. Understanding how to use the Presto Bread Slicing Guide will help you get the most from your bread and limit wasted food.

Step 1

Lay a kitchen towel on the counter top and set the bread slicing guide on top. The towel provides friction under the slicing guide to keep it from sliding.

Step 2

Insert the bread loaf into the slicing guide with the end of the loaf flush to the end of the slicing guide.

Step 3

Determine how thick you want your bread slices to be based on the plastic guides. Decide how many guides you want between each slice.

Step 4

Slice the bread with a bread knife between the plastic guides of the Presto Bread Slicing Guide. The plastic posts will keep the knife straight while you slice.

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