Instructions for Making Popcorn in a Machine

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A popcorn machine is a large popcorn popper that can usually be seen at movie theaters and carnivals. This type of machine can produce large amounts of popcorn in a short amount of time, which can be useful if you are having a party or inviting a lot of friends over to watch something on your home theater. To properly use a popcorn machine, you must follow a special set of instructions.

Plug the popcorn machine into an outlet and turn it on.

Push up the lid of the kettle, which is located inside the popcorn machine. A magnet located above the kettle will keep the lid up.

Turn on the kettle motor. The button for the kettle motor is located next to the power button.

Pour canola oil into the kettle. The amount of canola oil you use depends on the size of the kettle. The number of ounces of oil used should match how many ounces the kettle is.

Add eight ounces of popcorn kernels to the kettle.

Pull the kettle lid down so it covers the kettle.

Keep the machine doors slightly open while the popcorn pops.

Turn the kettle switch off once the popcorn stops popping.

Dump the popcorn out of the kettle by turning the handle clockwise one-third of the way and then pulling the handle down.