Innocent Bachelorette Party Ideas

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A bachelorette party doesn't have to be a booze-soaked revel to be a lot of fun for you and your friends. Low-key, innocent bachelorette parties can be creative and fun. Focus on bonding with your girlfriends and sharing a special experience with them. You and your guests will remember your bachelorette party for many years to come.

To All the Guys I've Loved Before

Before you met your future husband, these were the guys who saw you through many a lonely Saturday night. Throw a girl's-night-in and watch movies featuring your favorite actors, whether it's swashbuckling Johnny Depp or debonaire George Clooney. Serve popcorn, cheesecake and ice cream from a single gal's best boyfriends—Ben and Jerry. Before each film, read a personalized break-up letter for each actor, thanking the guys for their many years of support, but letting them know you need something real, not reel. As favors, give away copies of the films you watch and chocolate—the perfect survival kit for fellow singletons or married friends in need of a break.

Taking a Leap of Faith

Marriage is a big step in anyone's life—why not preface it with a big jump? Gather a gaggle of pals and go skydiving or bungee jumping for the ultimate rush. Indoor or outdoor skydiving facilities are widely available; provides a database of skydiving locations throughout the country. Similarly, lists locations for the big jump throughout the world. Marriage is an adventure; who says your bachelorette party can't be one, too?

Bridal Beauty Blow-Out

The weeks leading up to a wedding can be hectic and stressful, so consider using your bachelorette party as a night to relax. Contact your local beauty parlor or salon and see if you can book the shop after closing for a bachelorette party. For a tighter budget, have guests bring their favorite nail polish and makeup to try out new looks. Whip up some homemade beauty treatments, like the Aphrodite Apple Mask or the Goddess Yogurt Body Mask, courtesy of Serve light snacks, like finger sandwiches, fresh-cut fruit and vegetables and chocolate-dipped strawberries for dessert.

All Good Things Start With Love

A wedding focuses on the love between two special people. Take some of that positive energy and turn it outward, using your bachelorette party as a time to volunteer for your favorite charity or philanthropy. Gather your friends and volunteer at a local animal shelter, or serve dinner at a halfway house. Arrange to have flower displays from your wedding sent to local hospitals, and to have any remaining food sent to soup kitchens. You'll bond with your friends and spread the joy of your special day.