Inexpensive Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids and Teachers


In elementary school, many students celebrate Valentine's Day. Children and teachers bring in treats and exchange cards. Most schools that hold these celebrations make it mandatory for children to give a card or treat to each student in the class if they decide to bring in something.

Thumbprint Cookies


Making cookie to give out as a Valentine's Day treat for a fun and inexpensive way to show your love to everyone. Use your or your child's thumb to create prints in uncooked sugar cookies. Place two thumbprints on each cookie, each at an angle to form a heart. Once the cookies are cooled and baked, individually package them in plastic bags and tie them with red ribbon. A variation of this gift is to place a Hershey's Kiss on top of sugar cookies while they are warm to give "kiss cookies." Make enough so every child and teacher in the class gets one.

Dollar Store Treats


The dollar store is a great resource when looking for inexpensive gifts. You will find mugs, notebooks, pencils and socks with hearts and cupids on them around Valentine's Day. Teachers appreciate school supplies, hand sanitizer or cleaning supplies for the classroom; all these items are at the dollar store. You may want to put together a small basket of items such as coloring books, markers, bath toys, bubbles or clay.

Homemade Gifts


Homemade gifts usually are cost effective and sentimental. Have your child make gifts for their friends and teachers to celebrate Valentine's Day. A teacher might enjoy a pretty tube of hand lotion with paper cutouts of your child's hand attached to it bearing the message "You deserve a hand." Make a pin for the teacher out of puzzle pieces painted red and glued into the shape of a heart. For the kids in class, pencil toppers made out of foam hearts and pipe cleaners bearing messages of affection are inexpensive to make. Melt old broken crayon pieces in a heart-shaped muffin tin to make heart-shaped crayons for the whole class.

Valentines Messages


Valentine's Day is about love and appreciation and nothing is more meaningful than a heartfelt card. Have your child make out a card to each student in his class, the teacher and any aides. Include a handwritten note mentioning something he likes about that person. Many teachers never hear "thank you" for their hard work and when they do, it is special. To add a treat to the cards, buy a bag of lollipops or wrapped heart-shaped candies and tape one to each card.

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