Independent Living Skills Activities

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Parents and caretakers of challenged young adults getting ready to move into an independent living environment benefit from advance planning to ensure a smooth transition. Hold conversations regarding everyday safety, emergency situations and services and non-threatening daily responsibilities. Create checklists for every day of the week to track tasks and necessary chores. Compile a file reflecting significant and helpful local phone numbers and addresses. Color-code lists to match order of importance.

Nail Care

Teach residents or family members the importance of healthy hygiene by spending an afternoon hosting a manicure or pedicure party. Encourage participants to invite a friend and pair up when complete challenging tasks. Offer support if frustration ensues and have youth nail tools on-hand if safety concerns are an issue. Male patients also benefit from this activity. Apply clear strengthening nail polish to prevent splitting and cut down on daily maintenance.

Compiling a Grocery List

Address the basic requirements of everyday living by conducting a chore that reflects a significant need that deserves to be noted on an ongoing basis. Paper and pen are necessary when conducting this activity. Prior to starting, decide how to categorize items. Alphabetical order, perishable versus non-perishable and wants versus needs labels apply. Create a potential shopping list of multiple items on the computer for easier use. Include check mark boxes and take the list to the grocery store for further assistance.

Preparing a Meal

Once all the groceries have made their way into the house, set up work stations in the kitchen and create a meal together. Use plastic utensils for preparation if safety issues are a concern. Pair up residents in a group home to foster teamwork and apply different tasks to each participant. Washing produce and cutting up vegetables for a salad, setting the appropriate toaster setting and buttering bread, and making punch or tea are a few applicable activities.

Securing a Home

Help individuals learn what's important when searching for or securing a new home. Take a tour of the current residence and make a list of all appliances, furniture or items that rank as necessities. Discuss which furniture pieces are located in which rooms, the arrangement of those materials, and how they arrive in the space. Conversations regarding general retail, electronic and home improvement stores prior to searching for items is suitable.