Importance of Hair Conditioning Before Coloring Hair


0:01 You must precondition your hair before doing a color process, especially if your hair has

0:06 been color treated prior to today's color. The reason being is your hair, your new growth

0:16 is usually very healthy and your previously colored hair is usually pretty dry so you

0:21 have to even the porosity of the hair color, of the hair shaft, so the hair colors evenly.

0:28 If you don't do this process in advance, that's how you end up with two different, two or

0:32 three different colors of hair and the color doesn't process the way you originally wanted

0:37 it to. So by preconditioning it and pre-treating it, we're going to clarify shampoo it. We're

0:44 going to protein condition it and then that sets up the hair prior to hair color. It evens

0:50 out the hair shaft, evens out the porosity. It puts the hair in a proper condition, ready

0:58 for hair color. This will ensure that you get good even hair color with your hair so

1:05 that's the reason why you want to do your pretreatment prior to hair color.