Ideas to Redesign a Wedding Band

Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

There are several options to consider when redesigning a wedding ring. Perhaps you want to take your existing ring to create a new, updated style. It could be you want to take a ring you no longer wear and make from it a completely different piece of jewelry. Either way, consider the following options and consult with more than one jeweler before your decision is set in stone.

Adding stones

To update or just refresh the look of your wedding band, adding side stones or replacing side stones with bigger or different colored gems may be something you'd like. Perhaps you want to replace the center stone with a larger or different cut stone. The existing center stone can now be used as a side stone. Also, you may want to change the band itself. Maybe your band is yellow gold, but now you would prefer white gold. Before meeting with a jeweler, you may want to look online at settings that you find attractive. Print the pictures to show a jeweler so he has a clear vision of what you like.


If your ring is collecting dust from lack of wear, making a necklace from it gives the ring new life. Stones can be stacked one below the other to make a straight or swirly line of diamonds. No one will ever guess the stones came from an old wedding ring. Another idea is to have the stones set side-by-side on a short chain. If you don't mind spending some extra money, adding other diamonds or gemstones to the necklace will give it a new look.


A wedding ring with multiple stones or a layered design can be turned into a pair of earrings. You may not even be sure what it is you are looking for, but know you will get good wear out of diamond earrings. You may opt for classic studs or maybe something more contemporary in nature. If there are enough stones, you can even have a jeweler create small diamond hoops.


For a more original piece, take your ring and create a brooch. This is a good idea if you have extra money to spend since brooches are usually a little bigger than other pieces of jewelry. By adding birthstones or maybe favorite gemstones, you can create a floral design or a more intricate pattern. Whatever you decide, choose a piece that you will get wear out of and want to pass on as a unique heirloom.