Ideas to Decorate a Handyman Shower for a Groom

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Couple showers are becoming common as they celebrate the bride and groom--unlike a bridal shower, which focuses solely on the bride. Handyman-themed wedding showers are typically reserved for a couple who enjoy do-it-yourself home projects. Decorate the shower accordingly so the groom feels just as welcome as the bride.

Room Decorations

Hang yellow caution tape in the doorways and on the walls to signify a construction zone. Set out big orange cones under the caution tape. Lean round silver garbage can lids against the cones or walls to look like manhole covers. Make a large banner that says "Caution: Rob and Julia are currently undergoing construction," or something that fits the personalities of the couple. To make this zone all about the groom, consider a banner that says "Rob's Construction Zone" or something similar.

Set up another section with a work table. Turn any desk or table into a work table by draping a basic white or tan tarp or cloth over the surface. Sprinkle wood chips, sawdust and random pieces of wood and tools all over the table.,A third station might include old paint cans, a splattered paint tarp and a bucket full of paintbrushes.


Use white tablecloths for a formal setting. Paint-spattered cloths can create a festive and colorful setting. Or use a tablecloth with cartoon-like images of various tools. Include plates that are a simple white, or use colorful paper goods that complement the tablecloth. Secure cutlery and napkins with yellow, black or blue ribbon held together by stickers with hammers, screwdrivers or other tools on them.

Keep the centerpieces simple so they don't look feminine. For example, fill old empty paint cans with paintbrushes, paint chip cards, painter's tape and other paint supplies. Another table can include old tin cans or mason jars filled with a variety of screwdrivers, a couple of hammers, measuring tapes, levels and other common household tools. The centerpieces can double as shower gifts for the couple.


Host the wedding shower outdoors if possible. Combine a handyman and garden theme if the groom enjoys working on the house and the bride enjoys gardening or vice versa. Use copies of old blueprints of furniture, houses or remodel designs on the tables, or hang them from a string tied between trees. Set up a wheelbarrow with garden supplies and a large workbench or toolbox as decorations if you choose to combine the two themes.