Ideas to Surprise a Husband for an Anniversary

by Karen Kleinschmidt

Surprising your husband on your anniversary can help you both hold onto those early moments and romantic feelings dating back to when you first fell in love. The American Psychological Association recommends periodically making the effort to reignite the spark even as you face life's challenges as a couple. Ideas include heartfelt gifts, special outings and dinners, a trip down memory lane or a long weekend away.

His Bride All Over Again

Rekindle your wedding day romance by setting up a dance floor in your home, on your deck, patio or backyard. Play your wedding song and dance as if time has stood still all these years. Dine on the same foods you ate on that special day. Pull out your cake topper and have a scaled down replica of your wedding cake made for a loving dessert. If you are able, put on that wedding gown and stun your husband all over again.

Second Honeymoon

A second honeymoon can be an actual vacation for the two of you or it can be a weekend home alone with your kids at your in-laws, leaving you to dote on each other, relaxing and remembering what made you fall in love in the first place. Plan little surprises along the way such as a warm bath together, your favorite drinks, a couple's massage, new lingerie and his favorite home-cooked meal.

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