Ideas for Wedding Ceremony Arches

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Create a decorative backdrop for saying “I do” by adding an arch to your wedding altar. An arch for an outdoor ceremony or a ceremony someplace other than a church will add pizzazz to a plain altar. Use the ceremony arch to incorporate your wedding theme and colors into the ceremony.

Metal Arches

For couples working within a limited budget, metal ceremony arches are inexpensive options. Use simple metal arches indoors or outdoors; they serve as a blank slate for decorating. Adorn them with greenery, flowers, garlands or lights and add your wedding colors with tulle, ribbons and flowers. Use white lights for an evening wedding.

Wooden Arbors

A wooden arbor is a fitting arch for a garden or outdoor wedding because the structure echoes the natural setting. Wooden arbors are more expensive than metal arches but are investments. Use the arbor in your yard after the wedding; it will be a keepsake of your special day. Keep decorations simple to show off the arbor's beauty; add floral garlands or a floral swag across the top.

Tree Arches

To bring the outdoors in for your wedding ceremony, use a pair of potted trees, such as Bradford pear branches. Transplant the trees into decorative urns or planters that fit the theme and formality of your wedding. Leave the pear branches unadorned; they are decorative enough on their own. For a decorative touch, weave wired ribbon through the branches.

Unconventional Arches

Save money by creating a wedding arch out of paper. Tie several honeycomb-shaped paper garlands together with fishing line and hang them in an arch from the ceiling at the altar. For a whimsical arch, make colorful flowers out of paper or card stock; wire them to a metal arch or an existing archway. Use a variety of colors and shapes to add visual interest to the flowers. Make hundreds of flowers for a full-looking arch.